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Dental Fear Management

Dental FearDentophobia is a very common fear in the US, it’s estimated that almost seventy five percent of adults in America experience some amount of anxiety in terms of seeing with a dentist. Those people experience anxiety to the point where they never visit the dentist which then is highly damaging to their own health. It is necessary for sufferers to know there are methods to defeat it and to comprehend what dental phobia is.

Known sometimes as dentist phobia, dental stress, dental fear, odontophobia, or dentophobia, they all mean exactly the same thing: an extreme fear of seeing the dentist for dental care. Generally, those who experience dentophobia do so after past traumatic experiences at the dentist. Personal experiences that are negative aren’t the only means by which a dentophobia could appear. Sometimes, indirect experiences can bring about the anxiety. Individuals can also be significantly influenced by what they hear and see in the mass media.

Dental anxiety results in avoidance of dental care or results in strictly symptomatic treatment, often very unpleasant. Depending on level of dental anxiety, patient characteristics and clinical situation, dental anxiety can be managed by several interventions. Whether it is strictly behavioral modification, or aided by pharmacological intervention, even combination of both, we make sure that we deliver results based upon the individual’s needs.

At Heights Dental, we identify anxious patients at the very initial interaction and we address their concerns.
We make you feel at home, getting you comfortable in the chair, and putting you at ease. We have great success with behavioral modification strategy, and relaxation techniques.

However with some patients we use lighter type of sedation, such as nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas), or combination of the two techniques. In certain scenarios, depending on the patient needs, and the severity of sedation, we will arrange for treatment under supervision of Anesthesiologist.

At Heights Dental, we will always go over the treatment prior to doing anything in your mouth, so that there is no confusion, or apprehension about what kind of treatment you will be receiving.

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