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About Dr. Ewa Tracz

At Heights Dental, we offer our patients a comprehensive personalized dental treatment focusing on a stress-free environment, with a home-like atmosphere. We take pride in knowing that our patients are receiving the highest quality dental care in the timeliest manner and look forward to serving you. Dr. Ewa Tracz has a passion for helping patients of all ages achieve the smile of their dreams. Originally from Poland, Dr. Tracz has used her past experiences growing up as a form of motivation to help change people’s lives and help others achieve optimal oral health and beauty.


About Ewa Tracz, D.D.S.:

Graduating from Hunter College with a degree in biology, Dr. Ewa Tracz then decided to pursue her dental degree from New York University. While at NYU, Dr. Ewa Tracz attended the Special Patient Care Clinic, as well as honors program at the private practice of Dr. Dorfman. Her focus was on fear management training, as well as pain control and anxiety reduction. Awarded the Sigma Epsilon Delta Ernst Bluementhal award for excellence in fixed prosthodontics, Dr. Ewa Tracz also received the Certificate in Special Patient care, as well as the D3/D4 Top Student award at NYU.

Her postdoctoral training was at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY where she was trained in general dentistry, oral surgery, implants, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, special patient care, managment of medically compromised populations, pediatrics and orthodontics.

Dr. Ewa Tracz also completed a two year implant program at NYU and also trained at Dr. Chao’s Pinhole Academy in California to become certified in his gum recession treatment technique.

She is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and is trained in use of oral sedation for anxious patients.

An active member of the American Dental Association, NY State Dental Association, Holistic Dental Association,
Second District Dental Society, Dr. Ewa Tracz has a Fellowship from International Congress of Implantology.

Specializing in Dentophobia, Dr. Tracz has knowledge and experience in full mouth rehabilitation, smile makeovers, orthodontics, Invisalign, dental implants, gum care, gum rejuvenation via The Chao Pinhole Method.

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