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_cosmetics_crownA dental crown is a covering that fits over a tooth that is decayed, damaged or unattractive. Dental Crowns may also replace a tooth thoroughly as part of dental bridgework.

The dental crown is different than a veneer in that it actually doesn’t need the majority of the tooth’s structure to stay on. Dental crowns are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are designed to even match the current coloring of your teeth as well.

Capping a tooth requires two visits generally. First the tooth is formed to fit inside the covering, some drilling is involved. Then depending on the tooth’s size, the surrounding area of the tooth will be built up with a filling substance rather than filed down to support the crown- assuming there’s hardly any tooth structure left to begin with.

Bridgework needs at least three crowns and crosses the space of the lost tooth. Two of those crowns will be placed on both sides of the lost tooth over healthy teeth; these healthy teeth are known as abutment teeth. The two abutment teeth that are crowned become supports for a third crown put in between them; that third crown is known as a pontic. More crowns will be needed to bridge the difference between the abutment teeth if more than one tooth is lost.

Bridgework and jacket crowns need the exact same attention as your natural teeth. It’s much more vital that you keep your routine program of cleanings when you’ve got crowns. If you’re a grinder, wearing a nightguard would be advisable to protect your investment and your teeth.

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